Apollo Intelligent Magstripe Readers

AP-501 & AP-502 Intelligent Magnetic Stripe Slave Readers

AP501 100

The AP-501 and AP-502 card readers, available with industry standard Wiegand and clock/data output, are compatible with many OEM access control systems. These readers provide DIP switch selected output data formats.

The AP-501/502 card readers read low energy (credit card) or high energy magnetic stripe cards. The reader translates card information to selected Wiegand formats as required by the OEM’s controller. Data output formats are switch selectable. The AP-501/502 card reader operates as a slave to a reader interface module, and can be located up to 500 ft. (150 m.) away, using its standard Wiegand interface.

Further information
Download this file (ap-501_502.pdf)AP-501 & AP-502 Datasheet[ ]37 kB

AP-510 & AP-520 Intelligent Magnetic Stripe Readers

AP501 100

The AP-510 or AP-520 card reader, with its RS-485 communication interface, is connected to AAN or AAM series controllers. The AP-550 system is significantly more cost effective than competitive access systems because it does not require installation and wiring of any access control panels.

The AP-510/520 reads the user’s encoded card, accepts a PIN input from the keypad (AP-520), buffers the data and sends it to the master  controller when interrogated. The controller makes an access decision then sends the access granted/denied to the AP-510/520 slave reader. If access is granted, the AP-510/520 sends an encoded digital signal to the door where an ADA-10/11 door strike receiver releases the strike. The reader also collects the status of the door contact, tamper, exit push button, and auxiliary input, and then sends the changes of status to the master reader upon interrogation.

AP-500 Intelligent Magnetic Stripe Readers

AP500 100

The AP-500 provides an access control system with added security by furnishing a third level of database redundancy. The database can now reside in the card reader mounted at the door, as well as in the host and AAM-20/80 or AAN/100. The AP- 500 can accept a full or partial download of the database from the host or AAM, and the user can select which cards should be downloaded.
Further information
Download this file (ap-500.pdf)AP-500 Datasheet[ ]71 kB

AP-530 Standalone Single Door Access Card Reader


The AP-530 is  low cost, single door, stand-alone access control. The AP-530 provides complete time zone control of access with its battery-backed real time clock, and provides a printer output for event logging and configuration output, via its RS-232 serial interface. No programming cards, as used on other low cost stand-alone readers, are required. All AP-530 programming is performed via its integral 12 position keypad.